I have always looked to give meaning to my existence and live a life that could make a difference in others. That is why I choose to be a Dentist, then a Pediatric Dentist, and finally an Oral Surgeon: “Meaning and Difference”

Since I was very young, I have had the deep need that my career choice would count for something special. I sought the feeling that my life would touch other lives in some small, but significant way: Not only one more Dentist in town, but also one that would influence their patients’ lives. I decided then, to equip myself with the best practices, technology, dental supplies, instruments and techniques. I researched the best ways to treat the relationship between pain, fear and psychological traumas in a dental environment, to become an effective professional of a pain free practice. I also became a “holistic” Dentist: I did not only see “the tooth problem” that my patient complained about, but all that could be causing it. One day God spoke to me loud and clear that He did not want my money, or my good deeds, but my life. He would take me far from Brazil, my parents, my friends, my church, my office, my staff, and from my patients, to serve his people in need around the world.

I sold my practice, and my husband and I were commissioned career missionaries to Peru. We became the first Medical /Dental Missionaries from the Brazilian Baptist Convention Foreign Mission Board. Now, 30 years later, I cannot imagine my life different from what it has been. However, I miss working in the mission field. I have been praying and asking God what he wants from me now. Praise the Lord, He heard my pleas and spoke to me again. The time to go is back!! I am very excited with all the opportunities i had to serve as a Dentist in many places in the world. 2010 has been and thrilling year with many trips. So far, God used me in 21 countries and 5 continents as a dentist to serve the unreached. I am attending now a Brazilian / American Church. It has been a blessing to be able to hear Portuguese again and be in a Mission oriented Church that backs up our ministry.

With my two ankles surgeries, I confess I get very tired with all the trip preparation, field work, and long flights, but I am ready to get in another trip soon. Now I am 54 years old, but I still have the same passion and desire to reach the unreached and break the resistance to the Gospel, through the Dental Ministry. I am certain the knowledge I gained during those 30 years of work in dental foreign missions will be an asset to the ministry of the Missions groups, I will be involved with. I also plan to learn lots from these experiences. Life is a continuous learning process. We never know enough and we never graduate. Here, in Texas, I am just one more Christian, retired Dentist and a businessperson.

There, in the mission field, I am all they might have, to help to heal their pain, break the resistance, touch their hearts, and be able to show the true meaning of salvation, that we can obtain only through Jesus’ sacrifice. That is what I always wanted for my life, since the beginning, and I hope up to the end of it: “Meaning and Difference”.


AnyPlace, AnyTime, Anywhere.

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